Way Beyond A Lie by Harry Fisher

Your wife goes missing. She leaves no trace. You have no idea where she’s gone. How would you try to find her?

When Ross McKinlay’s wife, Carla, vanishes during an afternoon shopping trip he’s left bewildered and grief stricken. As Ross uncovers the reasons for his wife’s disappearance, his life begins to unravel. He’s determined to find her. He needs answers. But the deeper he delves, the more confused he becomes and the closer he edges towards danger. As Ross is soon to discover, he isn’t the only person looking for his wife.

One man wants the truth. Another wants blood.
Who will find her first?

Harry Fisher, Way Beyond A Lie (2021)

This was my first read of 2022 after a brief exchange with the author on twitter. I was drawn to this book after reading it was set in Leith (Edinburgh) which is the area I grew up. The author also lived in Leith for a time although is now in Aberdeen.

I made the mistake of reading the opening pages of the book as soon as it arrived on my kindle and that was the end of my evening. After reading a good few chapters I took myself off to bed but couldn’t get the book out of my head so back up, got into a comfy reading position and read on… and on… and on… (yes, it is that good!). I eventually gave in and got some sleep but the book had a hold on me.

The author gives us a main character that is very easy to take too and that is what I found grabbed my attention from the offset. The story is different to any other I have read and whilst you are reading and thinking of what could be happening you are never sure as there are many twists and turns throughout. The story held my attention right to the final page and even afterwards!

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a crime novel and this is up there with the big Scottish authors you already know and love. For me, I’d say if you enjoy Owen Mullen, Doug Johnstone, Chris Brookmyre and of course Ian Rankin, then I am sure you will love this author too!

Image from harryfisherwriter.com

Harry Fisher has a website ( www.harryfisherwriter.com ) where you can read his latest news and find links to buy his available books. You can also contact him on social media:

Hobeck Books ( www.hobeck.net ) are a family-run independent publisher of adult fiction in the following genres: thrillers, mystery, crime and suspense. Please check out their website and if you like what you see then click on the link to be added to their mailing list.
I love the Hobeck logo – isn’t that cat just the best! and now with headphones on to show the audiobook option too!!

Hobeck Books are also on social media:

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