About MoMo

I received my brain tumour diagnosis in May 2018 and am slowly getting my life back on track…. albeit a very different track to before but I am at least moving forward.

The first I knew things were not quite right was following an “episode” but I put it out of my mind as much as I could and carried on… until the next “episode” at which point I had to call for help and ended up in the local A&E for the rest of the evening and into the night.

Following on from this and various tests including MRIs, MRI with contrast and CTs. I got the confirmation my life was changing and I needed to rethink my future.

I have a very small circle of friends who are taking each step with me. Yeah, things are changing but I know I am not alone and I can do this one day at a time.

What I know:

I have a brain tumour in my thalamus (deep inside the right side) which mostly affects the left side of my body,

It is inoperable due to the location (I am told a biopsy would most probably leave me with severe disabilities and possible death so not an option!)

What I don’t know:

what the future holds…

Books I have read related to Brain Tumours and Surgery

I have read a number of books and will add some reviews here in time. The best so far….