About MoMo

I began the third chapter of my life in May 2018 and am happy to say I am now looking forward to seeing where this chapter will lead.

I have medical issues which mean I am unable to follow the ‘normal’ path in life. Having spent a few years struggling with this, I can now say I am enjoying the journey to finding my own path. I have a tight circle of friends who are taking each step with me. Yeah, things have changed but I can do this one day at a time – especially with the best people surrounding me.

My Facts:
~ My head is home to an inoperable thalamus brain tumour
~ My future looks much more promising than it did in 2018
~ My struggle with mental health is ongoing
~ Being a member of The Book Fairies worldwide family is awesome!

There are a number of books related to Brain Tumours and Surgery. I have read a number of books and will add some reviews here in time.
The best so far….

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