The Glass Family – Owen Mullen

In the Glass family, Owen Mullen has created a crime dynasty to rival the Richardsons and the Krays. Heart-pounding, jaw-dropping with nonstop action, perfect for fans of Martina Cole, Kimberley Chambers and Mandasue Heller.

might be the death of you….

The Glass family business is crime, and they’re good at what they do. Vengeance took Luke Glass behind bars – but now he’s free and he’s never going back. Luke wants out of the gangster life – all he has to do is convince his family to let him go. 

His brother holds the reins of the South London underworld in his brutal hands – nobody tells Danny Glass no and expects to live – not even DCI Oliver Stanford, bent copper and one of the Met’s rising stars. The way Danny sees it, his younger brother and sister Nina owe him everything. The price he demands is loyalty, and a war with their archenemy gives him the leverage he needs to tie Luke to the family once more. 

Luke can’t see a way out until Danny commits a crime so terrible it can’t be forgiven. Love turns to hate when secrets are unearthed which pit brother against brother. Left with no choice but to choose a side, Nina holds the fate of the family in her hands. 

someone’s playing both sides and now they have a score to settle…

When the family business is crime, you can never be sure who to trust. And when three of their businesses are hit in one night, the notorious Glass family close ranks. Either someone is sending them a message or a war is coming… 

With trouble coming from all sides, the heads of the Glass family have more than enough to deal with, but all bets are off when a stranger from the past enters the game, causing division and mistrust.

Crooked cops, rival gangs and old enemies are bad enough, but when the trouble comes from the inside, loyalties are tested, with deadly consequences.

three people can keep a secret – if two of them are dead…

What was meant to be a straightforward jewellery heist goes horribly wrong, and the thieves are forced to take a hostage to make their escape. But when they discover their prisoner is the infamous Nina Glass – one of the bosses of the most dangerous criminal dynasty in London – they soon realise they have made a terrible mistake.

Greed wins out over good sense and the gang decide to make the best of a bad situation. They send Luke Glass a ransom note. But messing with London’s top crime dynasty is a serious error. Now Luke must track down the gang who abducted his sister before they carry out their brutal threats.

The Glass family have other problems. The crooked cop they have on their payroll – DCI Oliver Stanford – makes an unwelcome discovery. The insider they had all presumed dead, may in fact have survived, and still be feeding information to the police.

Under attack from all sides, and desperate to save his sister, Luke has the reputation and survival of the crime dynasty in his hands – is this the end of the Glass family?

I am completely invested in this series which is built around the Glass family and many more interesting characters. I do recommend the books be read in order so you get to know the characters and their full back story. Being a gritty gangland crime thriller you do have to expect a level of violence and brutality, however, the author very cleverly ensures the descriptions are not too graphic allowing the reader to imagine or skip over the finer details. I believe this is a series which could run and run.

As the first in the series I was impressed how quickly I was gripped by this thrilling fast-paced gritty read. You will need a good supply of tea and biscuits as you need to be prepared to read in a single sitting! I was invested from the very start and could not stop reading although I also didn’t want it to end. I was immediately desperate for the next book.

Luke Glass has just been released from prison and has ideas about getting away and starting a new life whilst his brother, Danny, has other plans and is intent on keeping “Team Glass” on top in the gangland wars.

The book has everything you would look for in a Gangland Thriller. There are murders, bent Police Officer and rival crime families out for revenge. Readers of Owen Mullen will be satisfied with the authors unexpected twists and surprises along the way. Brilliant!

Thank you to Owen Mullen, Boldwood Books and NetGalley for providing a copy of this ebook in return for my honest review. I have since purchased a copy of the paperback and the audiobook.

In this book we find Luke Glass in control of the family businesses. Things quickly become tense when trouble comes from all sides at once and a stranger from the past appears. Who are they? What do they want?

This book, as with the previous, is packed with twists and turns and the pace never slows. I found myself struggling to stop reading and do anything else and would suggest it is best read in a single sitting with plenty of peace and quiet and, of course, tea and biscuits!

Thank you to Owen Mullen, Boldwood Books and NetGalley for providing a copy of this ebook in return for my honest review. Again, I have since purchased a copy of the paperback and the audiobook.

In the third book the family are running various businesses, each having their own focus – with things appearing to run smoothly. The club, LBC, is run by Luke with Charley in control of the ladies that serve the club clientele. Nina runs her real estate business ‘Glass Houses’ which is proving to be a real success. Life appears good for the Glass family until Nina goes missing after being caught up in a robbery and being taken hostage. The family have no idea where she is and so the story continues…

This book once again had my full attention from the very start. There is no time to stop and think in this story – it grips you and by the time you get to this book you are so invested in the family that the characters really matter. The author has introduced new interesting and dangerous characters which ensures this book is even better than the previous two!

Having read every novel published by this author I was so excited when I was granted an early ebook from NetGalley. I began reading mid afternoon and could not put it down. By 1am I was nearing the end of the book and considered getting some sleep, but I had to carry on and I finished the book around 2:30am – it was worth the lack of sleep!

Thank you to Owen Mullen, Boldwood Books and NetGalley for providing a copy of this ebook in return for my honest review. I have a copy of the paperback on pre-order.

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