In The Author’s Chair

To celebrate 200 blog posts I am excited to bring you a second author in my ‘In The Authors Chair’ feature.

My book blogging journey began after I sent a simple email to an author after I really enjoyed her novel I had recently finished. This led to the author inviting me to read her soon to be released follow up novel. I set up an account on NetGalley and suddenly found myself deep inside this wonderful #bookish world.  Thanks to meeting some wonderful people I now have a lot of new friends from the book world and am forever hearing about new authors which means my ‘to be read’ pile is growing daily!

I have always written my reviews in a way that gives my thoughts on the writing and does not give away any hints at the plot twists and turns. I aim to keep my blog spoiler free at all times.

In my first author feature I introduced you to the very talented Scottish author Owen Mullen. Owen is my favourite crime author and I am always asking him when the next book is due…. I even travel to Glasgow to see him at his book launch/signings!

This time I would like to bring Julie Butterfield to your attention.  I rate Julie as one of my top favourite authors and eagerly devour her book as soon as it lands on my kindle (or pops through the door when she is kind enough to post me a copy!).

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