When New Yolk City is overrun with feathered phantoms, who you gonna call?…Goosebusters!

Swampline Comics presents GOOSEBUSTERS


Swampline Comics presents Goosebusters.

A full colour comic book based on the classic 1984 Ghostbusters film.

Lay Stance, Beaker Peckman, Wingston Eggmore and Eggon Speckler join forces as the Goosebusters to rid New Yolk City of feathered phantoms. 

Goosebusters is created by Chris Allen and Kim Roberts. It is written by Chris Allen with art by Juan Fleites.

This book will appeal to fans of the movie and those just looking for a great read.


This is a brilliantly creative and funny parody of the much loved film, Ghostbusters (1984).


Chris Allen’s interpretation retains all the classic scenes from the original motion picture. He has expertly condensed the movie into a single issue comic whilst brilliantly tweaking the story to fit with the comic layout. Add in some excellent ‘fowl’ themed jokes only adds to the original movie plot.

In his spoof re-telling Chris Allen has used birds as the main characters.

Goosebuster Beaker Peckman as Dr Peter Venkman (Bill Murray)

Goosebuster Lay Stance as Dr Raymond Stantz (Dan Aykroyd)

Goosbuster Eggon Speckler as Dr Egon Stengler (Harold Ramis)

Goosbuster Wingston Eggmore as Winston Zeddemore (Ernie Hudson)


Juan Fleites artwork shows fun, friendly characters. It is clear to see the good working relationship between Chris and Juan. Chris Allen’s use of bright colours bolster the comedic atmosphere, giving us animated, characters full of energy – a true work of top rate artistic talent. These two work together perfectly in brining a whole scene of the movie into a page of a comic leaving the reader laughing along.


Swampline Comics have produced this Feathered Feature comic ‘Goosebusters’ with the human characters of the film replaced with birds. This is sure to make this comic a treasured keepsake for fans of the original film. I highly recommend you give yourself the treat of an excellent fun comic.


TITLE: Goosebusters

CREATED: Chris Allen and Kim Roberts

WRITTEN: Chris Allen

DRAWN: Juan Fleites




Goosebusters Digital Comic

Goosebusters Printed Comic

Goosebusters Logo – Glow In The Dark Mug

Goosebusters Logo – mug and/or coaster

Goosebusters Beaker Peckman – mug and/or coaster

Goosebusters Lay Stance – mug and/or coaster

Goosebusters Eggon Speckler – mug and/or coaster

Goosebusters Wingston Eggmore – mug and/or coaster

Goosebusters Stay Fluft Marshmallow Hen – mug and/or coaster


Swampline Comics are a small press UK publisher created and co-owned by Chris Allen and Kim Roberts. We produce a number of comics, graphic novels and anthologies.

Chris Allen is a comic/pinup artist, writer, colourist, & letterer now based in Scotland. He is a huge comic book fan across all styles of artwork and genres of stories and a collector of comic books and memorabilia. Now Associate Editor and co creator of Disposable Fiction Comics.

Kim Roberts is an award nominated comic book writer based in the UK. She graduated from the University of Gloucestershire with a BA (hons) in English Literature and Psychology. She has experience working as an editor and colourist and also has published titles with Markosia.


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Swampline Comics on Instagram /swamplinecomics


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