Dreams Come True by Amanda Paull

She’s reaching for the stars. There’s something he forgot to mention.

A watertight plan starts to leak, but she’s not sure she can repair it.

When Michelle Cameron was a teenager, she fell in love with all things Spanish. After years of hard work and careful planning, she’s finally moving to Pamplona.

A great job, fabulous apartment and gorgeous boyfriend await her. Life doesn’t get better than this. But once she arrives, the revelations begin.

Was she naïve to follow her dream?

Should she just pack up and go home?

Or could she still make it work?

If you like stories that make you laugh as well as gasp, then you’ll love When Dreams Come True, Amanda Paull’s short prelude to her novel Pictures in the Sky.


I was offered a free download of Amanda Paull’s short novel ‘When Dreams Come True’ which is the prelude to her novel ‘Pictures in the Sky’

I really did enjoy this fun story which will have you laughing out loud – although I am sure lead character, Michelle, wouldn’t have been laughing so much.  It was brilliantly written and certainly made me want to read more from this author.

If you would like to read Amanda Paull’s When Dreams Come True please click here to visit book funnel where you can download a free copy.

  • TITLE: When Dreams Come True
  • AUTHOR: Amanda Paull



Amanda Paull is a writer of humorous contemporary fiction who lives in the north east of England with her husband. The inspiration for her stories comes from real life, which she likes to show the funnier side of by embellishing to the hilt.

You can contact Amanda Paull on her website, and  on TwitterFacebookGoodreads and if the mood strikes you then you can also email her at contact@amandapaull.co.uk






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