Blood on the Tide by Chris O’Donoghue

An Inspector Sony Russell Mystery (book one)

Blood on the Tide is a story of the sea and boats, murder and Nazis and takes the reader through post-war France and Germany.

When a gruesomely mutilated body trussed up in a distinctive fashion washes up on a lonely stretch of the south coast in the 1950s, DI Sonny Russell is soon struggling to unravel an intriguingly knotty puzzle. And as more bodies, similarly tortured, appear he begins to realise that, for some at least, the war is far from over.

A trail of intrigue leads him to Europe where he befriends a French detective and together they set out to track down the villains.


The author, Chris O’Donoghue, very kindly sent me a copy of this book after we got chatting on a Facebook group for authors and bloggers.

I found Chris to be a lovely gentleman and he has a cute little Jack Russell dog that looks very similar (or should I say cheeky) to my dog so that was enough to make me want to read his novels. Chris does include his dog, Aggie, in his books and this was a high selling point for me – as regular readers will be aware I always read when there is a dog involved!  Also, I loved the fact I was reading a paperback after many many kindle books. It is an easy type to read and I found the whole experience very enjoyable.

Anyway, back to the actual book.

This is not the sort of crime book I would normal choose to read. I love crime books but not that keen on history or stories of the war years however I am keen as a book reviewer to broaden my ‘type’ and this was the perfect way to start into this genre.

The book is set in 1950s – post war years – and has an immediate feel of the BBC series ‘Dr Blake Mysteries’ style to it. Very much an enjoyable whodunit.

I liked the style of writing with exciting twists and a wonderfully descriptive narrative. The author must be congratulated on his ability to ensure the detail of the period is very much on point. I certainly enjoyed Blood on the Tide and am looking forward to reading Blood on the Shrine to see where that one leads. 

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good cosy detective novel.  

Thank you Chris O’Donoghue.

  • TITLE: Blood on the Tide (Inspector Sonny Russell #1)
  • AUTHOR: Chris O’Donoghue
  • PUBLISHER: Boghopper Books
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 24 September 2017
  • VERSION READ: Paperback (292 pages)





Chris O’Donoghue’s writing is inspired by authors such as Val McDermid, Alan Hunter’s original George Gently novels, Matt Charman screenwriter of ‘Bridge of Spies’, has a copy of Blood on the Tide and the great Ian Rankin (who has read -and liked it) now has a copy of Blood on the Shrine.

I am active on social media and enjoy writing – I have had numerous articles published in specialist railway periodicals – and have my blog where I share my musings of living by the sea in East Sussex. In my spare time I also design gardens, having won three medals at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show.
My new book, Blood on the Strand, will be published later in 2018.
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