The Child by Sebastian Fitzek (audible)

An Audible Original Drama

My name is Simon. I’m 10 years old. I’m a serial killer.

Robert Stern, a successful defence attorney, doesn’t know what lies in store for him when he agrees to meet a new client in a derelict estate on the outskirts of Berlin. Stern is more than surprised, when his old love interest and professional nurse Carina presents him a ten year old boy as his new client. Simon, a terminally ill child, who is convinced he has murdered many men in a previous life.

Robert’s surprise turns into horror when he and Carina find human remains in a cellar the boy has led them to. The remains of a man whose head has been split with an axe 15 years ago – just like Simon claimed he had. Things go from bad to worse within hours when Stern discovers more dead bodies, the investigating police officer Engler starts to chase him as a suspect in the murder cases, and his own past comes to haunt him. Stern’s friend and former criminal Andi Borchert (Stephen Marcus) is the only one to believe Stern and Carina. Hunted by the police, and led by Simon’s memories, they start to investigate shady sub cultures of Berlin, and soon discover things that more gruesome than anything they could have imagined…


This was my second Sebastian Fitzek audible dramatisation.

A ten-year-old child confessing to murder was a fascinating way to start a book.  I was gripped by the psychological tension throughout the story and found I wanted to listen and listen.  It was a crime and psychological thriller with a fascinating plot.  The whole cast of actors with accompanying sound effects made this another brilliant production.

This drama was based on the novel by German author Sebastian Fitzek who also wrote Amok – click here to read my review.

Highly recommended listening!

  • TITLE: The Child
  • AUTHOR: Sebastian Fitzek
  • PUBLISHER: Audible Original
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 17 December 2015





You can read about Sebastian Fitzek on his website

(click for English version)

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