Diary of an Adorable Fat Girl by Bernice Bloom

Adorable Fat Girl


Mary Brown is funny, gorgeous and bonkers. She’s also about six stone overweight. When she realises she can’t cross her legs, has trouble bending over to tie her shoelaces without wheezing like an elderly chain-smoker, and discovers that even her hands and feet look fat, it’s time to take action. But what action? She’s tried every diet under the sun.

This series is the hysterical story of what happens when Mary joins ‘Fat Club’ where she meets a cast of funny characters and one particular man who catches her eye.

The story is laugh-out-loud funny and will resonate with anyone who has dieted, tried to keep up with any sort of exercise programme or spent 10 minutes in a changing room trying to extricate herself from a way too-small garment that she ambitiously tried on and is now completely stuck in.

Bernice Bloom is the big, new name in comedy writing…this is the first installment of her great new series of laugh-out-loud mini books.


You really need to read this fabulously funny book!

It is an easy read – best enjoyed with a cuppa (but no biscuit!)

The author has brilliantly described the characters and you really feel their personalities coming through even in such a short story.  The way these individuals come together in their joint aim of

I have only read this one but I am off to order the rest of the collection!

  • TITLE: Diary of an Adorable Fat Girl (#1)
  • AUTHOR: Bernice Bloom
  • PUBLISHER: Gold Medals Media
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 7 January 2016
  • LENGTH: 64 pages






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2 responses to “Diary of an Adorable Fat Girl by Bernice Bloom”

  1. This sounds great! Thanks for the review 😀


  2. […] already read, and loved Diary of an Adorable Fat Girl (book #1) I was intending to read the books in order BUT then I saw tweets referring to the […]


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