Lesson Plan for Murder by Lori Robbins

A Master Class Mystery (Master Class Mysteries Book 1)


No one sheds any tears when overbearing English teacher Marcia Deaver is found dead in her classroom. Some staff members speculate it was a heart attack, or perhaps a suicide, but Liz Hopewell knows that no self-respecting member of the Valerian Hills English Department would kill herself without leaving behind a perfectly penned suicide note, complete with detailed footnotes and obscure literary references.

After the police begin investigating the death as a murder, Liz finds Marcia’s mysteriously coded lesson plans. Convinced that they hold the key to identifying the murderer, normally risk-averse Liz finds herself obsessed with solving the crime.

Despite repeated requests to stay out of it from both her husband and the handsome detective assigned to the case, Liz persists in pursuing the murderer down a sordid trail of infidelity, blackmail, and Shakespeare conspiracy theories.

When additional staff members are also poisoned, Liz realizes that her clandestine pursuit has spooked the murderer—and she is likely next on the list. Can Liz expose the murderer before she becomes the next victim?

 MoMoBookDiary Review

I do love a new mystery/detective series and this looks like a brilliant start. Set in a public school with new amateur detective, Liz Hopewell. I like the author descriptions which make this a fun, snappy mystery with twists to keep the reader guessing. I look forward to more mysteries with Liz Hopewell.

  • TITLE: Lesson Plan for Murder
  • AUTHOR: Lori Robbins
  • PUBLISHER: Books Go Social
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 30 November 2017










Lori is an English teacher, writing lesson plans on murder for her academic mystery. After hours, she’s in a ballet class or lost in a book.

Brooklyn-born Lori Robbins began dancing at age 17 and launched her professional career three years later, performing with several regional modern and ballet companies and with Ballet Hispanico. She later attended Hunter College, graduating summa cum laude with a major in British Literature and a minor in Classics. She is now an English teacher in New Jersey.

Robbins is a member of SinCNY and the Guppies

The mother of six, Robbins is familiar with the homicidal tendencies that everyday life inspires. She mined her experiences as a teacher, mom, and former dancer in her recently completed manuscript, Lesson Plan for Murder. It’s an academic/comic mystery that marks the debut of amateur sleuth Liz Hopewell, whose adventures as an investigator of murder alternate with her misadventures as an unwilling New York-to-New Jersey émigré. Lesson Plan for Murder is a mystery that doesn’t take itself or its heroine too seriously. Until things get serious.

Robbins is also the author of the advice blog: janesinbox.lorirobbins.info

The blog was inspired by Robbins’ love of literature and her belief that when you need advice, other people may not be your best option. Because if you’re in trouble, you may not be thinking rationally. And the last person you want to talk to is someone who is busy screwing up his own life. The second to last person you want to talk to is someone whose life is annoyingly perfect.

No. If you want advice, turn to the greatest minds who ever lived and wrote. You can find them at: janesinbox.lorirobbins.info

Learn more at Lori Robbins website, on Twitter and Facebook


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