Pippin and the Medicine

Once upon a time there was a little black and white cat called Pippin …
Pippin the cat is very cute and a bit daffy. He has white whiskers and amazing white eyebrows. He loves sleeping and hunting. And he has absolutely NO TABLE MANNERS. He also discovers that he’s very good at hiding – after he gets sick and the vet gives him three disgusting medicines to take …

Penny Wright (2021)

I really liked this cute children’s illustrated story. The book tells the story of a cat called Pippin who does not want to take his medicine – a problem all cat owners will have faced at some time, I am sure!

Whist the story is fun and children will enjoy the tale of Pippin I found the words were a bit out of place in a young children’s book, for example “Conniving and Tactical”. However, I am sure parents would swap out any words their child was not yet aware of and for older children it may get them asking questions – and learning.

The vibrant illustrations are cute and funny – sure to catch a child’s attention when reading along. I especially loved the partridge!

Thank you to Lorna of Crumps Barn Studio for providing a copy of this book. This review is my honest opinion and is given without prejudice and voluntarily.

Crumps Barn Studio is a publisher based in the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire, England. They publish a select number of books each year. With authors covering a range of genres, from non-fiction and memoir, through to literary fiction, original poetry and children’s picture books.

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