At the bottom of Dudley’s Garden

“We need to tell you something Lily!” they buzzed.
It’s about the wildflowers…”

Lily Katinka thinks she is the most beautiful flower in Dudley’s garden. But she’s rather worried because Dudley has allowed the end of the lawn to grow wild, and it seems so untidy!
Adding to her dismay, the ‘ugly weeds and scruffy grasses’ are getting a lot of attention from the bees and the butterflies.
What is so special about the bottom of the garden?
Lily Katinka has to find out …

Dinah Mason Eagers (2021)

I loved this beautifully illustrated children’s book about nature.

The book explains the need for wildflowers and how they naturally attract the bees and butterflies which is so important, especially in todays climate.

It is a lovely story to teach children the reasons why some of our green spaces are left looking wild and messy during the summer months – and may even have them wanting to take a look and see if they can spot butterflies and bees themselves!

Thank you to Lorna of Crumps Barn Studio for providing a copy of this book. This review is my honest opinion and is given without prejudice and voluntarily.

Please check out the tweet below by Lorna Gray – its beautiful – good work Lorna!

Crumps Barn Studio is a publisher based in the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire, England. They publish a select number of books each year. With authors covering a range of genres, from non-fiction and memoir, through to literary fiction, original poetry and children’s picture books.

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