THE CHEMIST by Lewis Hastings #BlogTour

“Then, with his wrist trembling under the pressure, he carved the names of two men into the paper, ripping the surface…


The Seventh Wave organised crime gang is long defeated, its members dead or jailed. Their London-wide campaign of terror a fading memory. 


Or is it? An old foe is released from his maximum security prison cell, with dreams of revenge and a score to settle.

…You. Just. Watch.” 

He calls himself ‘The Chemist’, and he’s determined to make anyone who’s crossed him pay. To him, death is just a game of chance, and he’s stacked the odds in his favour. Can Jack Cade save those closest to him from the twisted plans of The Chemist? 

The eagerly awaited follow up to the Seventh Wave Trilogy and The Angel of Whitehall, The Chemist sees the return of Jack Cade and his team to fight a deadly nemesis, one who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. This time, it really is personal.

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for The Chemist by Lewis Hasting, published on 22 February 2022.

The Chemist is the first book I have read by this author and after being intrigued by the synopsis, I quickly jumped in knowing it was a book I had to read. However, I had not realised at that time, this was the fifth book from Lewis Hastings featuring Jack Cade. As you will understand, having not read the previous books I was immediately missing quite a lot of detail regarding the characters and their back-stories. The author gives a good introduction to the characters and what has lead them to this point in the story to ensure this book can stand on its own.  I had, by then, read enough to know I was gripped. I continued reading and quickly caught up with the characters and was wrapped up in the current storyline.  

The Chemist has a fantastically crafted storyline to keep you on the edge throughout. I was impressed with the authors ability to hold my attention and keep my mind working trying to guess what was coming next. I found myself rapidly turning page after page. There were some scenes where I was so on edge – nail-biting tension! 

I would recommend author Lewis Hastings to anyone who loves a fast paced thriller with some unexpected twists. I would highly recommend reading all the Jack Cade novels (in published order) whilst they may be read as individual stories I am sure the reader will get much more of a thrilling read from the beginning.

I have added the details of the other books in this series below and I would strongly urge readers to read the books in order – trust me, it will be worth it!

I intend to read the series from the beginning and will share my reviews in due course – but don’t wait for me – Go Buy!!!

Many thanks to Rebecca Collins at Hobeck for welcoming me onto this blog tour and sending me an e-ARC for review purposes.

Lewis Hastings has a brilliant website where he shares all the info you could ever wish to know! Click on the image below to visit.

Lewis Hastings

Hobeck Books is the brainchild of author and broadcaster Adrian Hobart and publisher Rebecca Collins, and is based in a big old barn in the Staffordshire countryside.

​Rebecca brings her expertise and know-how from over two decades working in the publishing industry, with clients such as Bloomsbury, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Summersdale Publishers, and is a published non-fiction author and poet.

​Adrian has been a broadcaster and journalist with the BBC for twenty-five years, and is an audiobook narrator, filmmaker and a writer. 

Read more about Hobeck on their website by clicking the image above or click on the links below to find them on social media.

Hobeck Books

Many thanks to Rebecca Collins of Hobeck Books
for inviting me to take part in this blog tour.

Hobeck Books currently have the first three books, known as The Seventh Wave Trilogy, on offer over at their web shop for those of you wishing to get started on the next big series read! You can, of course, buy all five of the Lewis Hastings books at the webshop and support an independent publisher! Hobeck Webshop

Alternatively, you can also get your copies from Amazon (UK)

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