Pinecones and Promises by Jane O’Brien

A Christmas Novella

Nate Finnegan has never been a fan of Christmas. His homelife as a child did not include pine trees and holly wreaths. It was not that he disliked Christmas; he just didn’t have an opinion one way or another.

When he decides to move to Michigan to work on a pine tree farm while going to college, he meets the Sparks family. For them Christmas is not only an occupation, it is the best part of the year and what family is all about. Soon their enthusiasm becomes infectious, and Nate has a big change of heart.

Molly Sparks, the pine tree farmers’ daughter, is exactly the girl Nate has dreamed about falling in love with, and having a family like the Sparks is something Nate has been waiting for his entire life. But as the young couple soon begin to discover, things aren’t always as easy as they first seem.

Will the promises they make to each other ever be fulfilled? Or will Nate be left forever hoping for something unattainable? It takes a Christmas miracle to work out the details of this sweet and tender love story.


This is such a sweet promising Christmas gift.

The perfect Christmas novella where the author has created lovable characters in this beautiful location which all together makes such a sweet story.

Reading this left me feeling warm, cosy and looking forward to the coming season full of magic.

I highly recommend this book to get you in the Christmas spirit.

  • TITLE: Pinecones and Promises
  • AUTHOR: Jane O’Brien
  • PUBLISHER: Bay Leaf Publishing
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 14 October 2018




Jane O’Brien resides in West Michigan where she was born and raised. She is married and the mother of two daughters, both authors in their own right. She’s had a variety of jobs and hobbies including: piano teacher, librarian, genealogist, gardener, and quilter.
O’Brien loves to write about her experiences living along the Lake Michigan shoreline as a youth, and then later in the woods near inland lakes and rivers. She takes pride in being able to introduce her readers to her beautiful state.
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