Finding Heather by Alison Ragsdale

MoMo’s Book Diary loved Finding Heather and strongly recommends this absorbing novel set on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Heather’s is finding it difficult to adjust to life without her husband who has died suddenly, leaving her with seven-year-old twins who need her to pull herself together.  Heather decides to move back to Scotland where she knows she will get the support from her mother and brother.  Once home in Scotland, Heather finds life on Skye has changed and much-needed adjustment is not so quick and easy as she hoped.

Finding Heather tells a remarkable tale, with well-developed characters, of life after the sudden death of a spouse. I found it easy to relate to the individual characters who have to deal with changing roles when Heather moves back home.

Alison Ragsdale is a wonderfully talented author who has the ability to transport the reader inside the story in such a way you can believe the characters are real.  I hope to visit Skye in the next year or two and look forward to meeting Heather, or at least people like her!

The pace of the book is just right.  There are tears of sadness and happiness, fun times and sad times throughout the twists and turns of life for the family and friends involved.

I would happily buy this book for a friend and highly recommend this book and author.

 I would like to thank Alison Ragsdale, Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book prior to its release.


Heather Forester is losing her grip on reality. She turns up at the airport to meet her pilot husband, Brett—and then she remembers: he’s not coming back. Brett died months ago, leaving her lost in the crippling, confusing maze of widowhood.

Now alone with her seven-year-old twins, Heather craves the support of her mother and brother, who are halfway across the world in Scotland. But when she moves her fractured family to her homeland, their lives change in ways she never could have anticipated.

As her children struggle to fit in to their new home, family, and school, Heather also wrestles with the painful truth that she has become a stranger in her own hometown.

 Surrounded by the rugged, breathtaking beauty of the Isle of Skye’s rocky coastline, velvet moors, and lush forests, Heather must face challenges old and new as she puts her life back together and learns the healing power of family.

AUTHOR Alison Ragsdale
BOOK TITLE Finding Heather
PUBLISHER Lake Union Publishing
PRINT LENGTH 378 pages
ISBN 9781503939899
OBTAINED: 18/09/16 – read now





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