The Other Sister by Dianne Dixon

MoMo’s Book Diary highly recommends “The Other Sister” by Dianne Dixon as an exceptionally engaging read.

“The Other Sister” is an incredibly complex novel and a must read for book lovers. This was my first Dianne Dixon book and wishing I had found this awesome author earlier.

I was intrigued by the cover – an old brown suitcase on an old wooden chair – and the synopsis. I found the plot to be gripping and fast moving, at times confusing, but totally thrilling. The novel tells the story of twins, Ali and Morgan, and the bond they share through good and bad times. Once I started I couldn’t stop. I read throughout the night, finishing early this morning and just sat there thinking for so long afterwards… glad I am not a twin!

The author has created engaging unforgettable characters which had me hooked from the very beginning. There are so many twists and I rate it highly as a top suspense novel of 2016.

I would like to thank Dianne Dixon, Sourcebooks and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this novel.


One sister has everything. Her twin hates her for it.

Would life be better without Ali? Probably. At least then people might think about Morgan. Ali’s always gotten everything ― she doesn’t even realize how much Morgan resents her.

Ali also doesn’t realize that when she shuts Morgan out entirely, she will unleash a chain of events that show just how dangerous the underside of love really is. As their lives spin toward something neither one of them can control, a terrifying crime reveals how those who know us best can destroy us…or save us.

AUTHOR Dianne Dixon
BOOK TITLE The Other Sister
PUBLISHER Sourcebooks Landmark
PRINT LENGTH 400 pages




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