Keeping It Under Wraps: Sex

An Anthology
edited by Louise Bryant, Tracy Hope & Alnaaze Nathoo

This is my post during the blog tour for Keeping it Under Wraps.

In Keeping it Under Wraps: Sex, real people from around the world share their experiences, humour and heartache about sex and sexuality.

This blog tour is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours and the tour runs from 1 till 14 November. You can see the tour schedule at Lola’s Blog Tours

Some of the essays in this book include topics such as sexual violence, drug abuse, assault and other related themes. The writers of these essays come from diverse cultural and generational backgrounds. Their voices and their views are their own.

Keeping it Under Wraps: Sex
Genre: Non-fiction/ Personal Essay Anthology
Release Date: 4 May, 2021

Society tells us what is right and what is wrong based on unrealistic expectations. In the end, though, no matter how unique our experiences seem, they aren’t wrong: they simply are.

The Keeping It Under Wraps anthology series provides a safe space to change the narrative, to speak openly about individual experiences, and in the end to understand that while each experience is different, we are not so different from each other.

Let’s start the conversation.
What better place to start than with sex?

Sexual health, sexual preferences, and sexual experiences: no stigma, no shame, no more keeping it under wraps.

Not Sexy By Liam Klenk

They look deep into each other’s eyes. Something clicks. They kiss. Passion overwhelms them. Frantically, they rip off each other’s clothes, barely able to make it to a secluded corner. There, they fall into a tight embrace. Hands and tongues explore each other’s sweaty bodies. Soon, both lovers are moaning. Their limbs become ever more intertwined, and then sweat and bodily fluids start mixing. The lovers are strong, confident, and comfortable. Their satisfaction rises in tune with their heartbeats. Their bodies are almost bursting with the need for release.

Then they climax. Together. He ejaculates. She gushes. One last powerful, muscular thrust, one last moan as the glowing lovers collapse into each other’s arms.

And cut right there.

Ever since I was a child, this is what I was shown in every movie. In every romantic scene on screen where lovers are consumed by their passion and where lust and physical satisfaction are depicted as being on an equal level with love.

This is who I felt I had to be. This is what was expected of me and what I had to aspire to. I had to be strong, in control, self-confident, sexy, driven by lust, and acrobatic in bed to be truly wanted and loved.

I tried and was found wanting.

During my attempts at one-night stands, I find myself strangely unresponsive to my lover’s charms. I feel neither sexy nor excited. I am not attracted by my unknown lover’s abundant suggestiveness and even caressing her feels wrong. I feel repelled, anxious, and bored, and I keep wondering how I can gently bring this to an end without being horribly rude.

In relationships, my sexual acrobatics are never up to par. No matter how much I climb around during the act, without fail, I end up making a clumsy move.

I found this book a refreshing read – unlike anything I have read before!

This is an anthology of essays by 22 different authors discussing the subject of Sex and what that word means to them. These are sometimes very private and personal stories which I feel may never have been told to anyone in their friendship circle. Sex being a subject which many find uncomfortable. Why is this? It is something that affects everyone of us at some time in our lives….

As you would expect with a collection of over 20 people the stories cover a wide range of views and experiences, some of which are harder to read than others.

I recommend this book and I feel that anyone reading these stories would take away a new understanding. The word, Sex, has so many different meanings for those around us. Grab a copy (links above) and learn something new today! Don’t forget to let the team know what you think… Let’s get the world talking about the real life stories behind the word SEX!

Thank you to Lola and the KIUW team for gifting me a copy of this book in return for my honest review.

You can read more about this book and the contributing authors here on the website:

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