Dizzy Lizzie by Kat E. Erikson

Dizzy Lizzie by Kat E. Erikson

Dizzy Lizzie may be the smallest kitten in her litter, but her determination is mighty. 

Born under an old house, in a dark wee den, with cobwebs in the corner and dirt underfoot, every day is a struggle for the tiny kitten, until she learns a trick or two to make sure she gets her share. 

But just as things seem to improve, Dizzy Lizzie’s home is destroyed and she is torn from her mother.

Soon, Lizzie is faced with a new set of problems, and if she wants to stick with her sister and secure a forever home, the little kitten must learn to curb her big temper. 

“No matter how teeny-tiny I am, no matter how weebly-wobbly I am,” Dizzie Lizzie vows, “I’ll find a way!” But as she tumbles from one calamity to the next, can Lizzie tame her tantrums and find her forever home? 

Based on a true story, this beautifully illustrated and uplifting picture book explores themes like loyalty, family love—whether that family is by blood or adoption—and never giving up.

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MoMoBookDiary Review

This is an adorably cute book which is well written with beautiful illustrations.

It is a lovely way to show children that whilst kittens need to be with their mother for a while, they can then go on to their new homes and live quite happily with other humans and enjoy playing just as if they were still with their mothers. This book could be used to show that adoption of kittens is similar to adoption of children and as such is a lovely way to show children that family loyalty does not have to mean a blood connection. Such a cute book.

I requested and received an electronic copy of this book from NetGalley. Thank you Kat E. Erikson, Books Go Social, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this adorable picture storybook.


AUTHOR: Kat E Erikson can be found on www.kateerikson.com and on twitter @KatE_Erikson

Book Details


ISBN: 9780578566245

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