Georgie Moves to Switzerland

Georgie and her family have just moved to Switzerland. It doesn’t take long for Georgie to notice a funny word that keeps popping up everywhere and giving her, and her brother mike, the giggles. A brilliantly funny book for kids and adults alike.

I bought the kindle version of this book as I was looking for something fun to read. It is aimed at children aged between 4 and 8, so was quite fitting for me right now!

What a lovely short story book for children facing the life changing move away from the UK to a country they know nothing about and having to learn a whole new language.  

Highly recommend reading – no matter what age and even if you are not facing a big move abroad….. just buy it – its fun, and everyone needs some fun. I guarantee this will make you laugh!

It is brilliant. It is funny. It is a child’s view of the first impressions in a new country and very well written by this young author. Well done Ellie!

Link to buy (kindle) is here: AMAZON KINDLE

About the book:
Title: Georgie Moves to Switzerland
Author: Ellie Gooding
Illustrator: Joseph Witchall 
Publisher: self-published
Print Length: 14 pages

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