When Stars Will Shine is a collection of short stories from your favourite authors who have come together to deliver you a Christmas read with a twist.

With true war tales that will break your heart, gritty Christmas crimes that will shake you to your core, and heart-warming tales of love lost and found, this anthology has something for everyone. And, with every penny made being sent to support our troops, you can rest assured that you’re helping our heroes, one page at a time.

From authors such as Louise Jensen, Graham Smith, Malcolm Hollingdrake, Lucy Cameron, Val Portelli, and Alex Kane, you are in for one heck of a ride!

When Stars Will Shine is the perfect Christmas gift for the bookworms in your life!


  • Fredrick Snellgrove, Private 23208 by Rob Ashman
  • Four Seasons by Robert Scragg
  • The Close Encounter by Gordon Bickerstaff
  • Believe by Mark Brownless
  • What Can Possibly Go Wrong? by Lucy Cameron
  • Mountain Dew by Paul T Campbell
  • The Art of War and Peace by John Carson
  • A Gift for Christmas by Kris Egleton
  • Free Time by Stewart Giles
  • Died of Wounds by Malcolm Hollingdrake
  • The Christmas Killer by Louise Jensen
  • The Village Hotel by Alex Kane
  • A Present of Presence by Hr Kemp
  • The Invitation by Billy McLaughlin
  • Brothers Forever by Paul Moore 
  • Girl in a Red Shirt by Owen Mullen 
  • Pivotal Moments by Anna Osborne
  • Uncle Christmas by Val Portelli
  • Time for a Barbeque by Carmen Radtke
  • Christmas Present by Lexi Rees
  • Inside Out by KA Richardson
  • Penance by Jane Risdon
  • New Year’s Resolution by Robert Scragg
  • Family Time by Graham Smith


This is a book for EVERYONE. There are so many short stories that I know there will be something for YOU…. The stories are mostly very short so can be read while taking a short break and a cuppa, whilst others are a bit longer and may require a biscuit or two – now there’s your excuse for a cuppa and a nibble so what’s stopping you?

This amazing book brings together some authors you may have read or heard about and puts them next to authors you may not know or would every find anywhere else but once you read them here you will be running off to find what else they have written. I discovered many new authors through reading this book and also the links I made whilst being involved in the pre-publication chats. Please check out below where I have tried to include links below to help you search for more information on each author included in the book.

The sub heading ‘ Helping our Heroes One Page at a Time’ gives a good indication that there will be stories of war, troops and of course the cover also indicates a Christmas theme. Yes there were several stories that did indeed cover these topics, then there were the others. Each author has their own style and has given us a piece of themselves in this book.

I was lucky enough to be given a proof copy of this book via one of the authors and was able to share word of the book way before it was finally published. I enjoyed reading each and every story – some had me in tears, others gave a warm cosy feeling inside. I admit I have a favourite but I am not sharing it but I would love to know which one you like best…. please drop a note below to let me know!

When Stars Will Shine is an awesome collection of short stories pulled together by the fabulous Emma Mitchell, and I am very happy to recommend for all readers.


Amazon 🇬🇧 https://amzn.to/2P61gmw
Amazon 🇺🇸 https://amzn.to/35QguSs


I have been unable to share this review on Amazon and am repeatedly given this error message:

We apologize but Amazon is not accepting reviews on this product from this account. If you would like to contact us about this decision, please email community-help@amazon.com.

This is despite me purchasing the book in both ebook and paperback formats from two different Amazon accounts. I have again emailed to ask WHY? and am awaiting a response.


Authors if YOUR links below are wrong or incomplete please advise.
I could not find links for everyone, sorry, happy to update/amend as necessary.

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