Everyone’s invited
Everyone’s a suspect

*Harper Collins


In a remote hunting lodge, deep in the Scottish wilderness, old friends gather for New Year.

The beautiful one
The golden couple
The volatile one
The new parents
The quiet one
The city boy
The outsider

The victim.

Not an accident – a murder among friends.


I enjoyed every minute of this psychological thriller. It is a modern version of the old classic who-done-it crime novel but with a brilliant modern twist.

The author describes the setting, a remote hunting lodge in the Scottish Highlands, beautifully and with such detail you feel like you are there watching from behind a tree. I have travelled and visited many areas in the Highlands and the author talks of the bleak, forbidding wintry landscape in a way that I could picture in my mind many of the places I have visited previously which made this much more real of a tale for me personally.

The group, mostly longstanding close friends who attended Oxford University together, have gathered annually to celebrate the New Year. The book begins on New Year’s Day 2019 when gamekeeper and lodge manager discover a missing guest on the estate. The story then goes back and forth over the days since the groups arrival at the lodge slowly revealing dark secrets each of the ‘close friends’ are hiding.

Lucy Foley has created this thrilling atmospheric crime mystery. The chilling air of menace, the setting, the blizzard conditions and the secrets being kept by each guest – none of which would win awards for the most likeable characters ever known!

This was a fantastic murder mystery which I highly recommend. Since reading on the Pigeonhole app I have now purchased a paperback copy so I can read it all over again – in a single sitting!

My sincere thanks to THE PIGEONHOLE and HARPER COLLINS for the opportunity to read and review ‘THE HUNTING PARTY’ by Lucy Foley. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway. All my reviews can be found on my blog


  • TITLE: The Hunting Party
  • AUTHOR: Lucy Foley
  • PUBLISHER: Harper Collins
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 24 January 2019
  • LENGTH: 407 pages (paperback)



Lucy Foley studied English Literature at Durham and UCL universities and worked for several years as a fiction editor in the publishing industry, before leaving to write full-time. The Hunting Party is her debut crime novel, inspired by a particularly remote spot in Scotland that fired her imagination.

Lucy is also the author of three historical novels, which have been translated into sixteen languages. Her journalism has appeared in ES Magazine, Sunday Times Style, Grazia and more.


Say hello at and follow Lucy on Twitter @LucyFoleyTweets and Instagram @LucyFoleyAuthor

Harper Collins can be found on twitter @HarperCollinsUK


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  1. I’m listening to this on Audible just now. They’re quite an unpleasant bunch aren’t they? Great review.


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