IT WAS ALWAYS YOU by Sarah K. Stephens

Love hurts, but the truth can kill.

bloodhound books


Morgan isn’t sure about her new boyfriend, Justin. Considering the childhood trauma she encountered, Morgan wants to be grateful for the relationship. But a fight with Justin leaves her feeling shaken.

Before the couple go on a romantic weekend trip, Morgan attends an appointment with her neurologist, Dr. Koftura, who has monitored her since an accident she had when she was seven years old. Morgan has a history of sabotaging her romantic relationships and the Doctor is concerned that she is following the same patterns with Justin.

On the day of their trip Justin’s behavior becomes erratic and he runs the car off the road into a tree, killing himself and hurting Morgan.

When she awakens in the hospital to find that Justin is dead, Morgan has little time to grapple with this loss before detectives arrive to question her about the crash.

As it becomes clear that the detectives believe Morgan is responsible for Justin’s death, Morgan must unlock the secrets of her past in order to prove her innocence.

But can she really trust her own mind?


I received a copy of this book from the author following a conversation on twitter. I had not heard of the author before but the book cover and synopsis really caught my attention. Sarah K. Stephens appears to be such a lovely lady on twitter but this book is so twisted her mind must be a scary scary place!

The synopsis gives away a lot of the plot (too much IMHO) but there is still so much more to this story. I felt I was reading on the edge of a cliff rather than cuddled up on my sofa. The author gives us surprising twists, dead ends and you just don’t know who to trust. The author cleverly adds a comment here and there to give clues but are they real or do they distract you…. read and see!

I will be highly recommending this book to many people. Its a different type of thriller and one that I am very glad I managed to read this week. I will be reading Sarah’s other books as soon as I can get my hands on them.

My sincere thanks to Sarah K. Stephens and Bloodhound Books for the advanced readers copy of ‘It Was Always You’ by Sarah K. Stephens. 
All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.


  • TITLE: It Was Always You
  • AUTHOR: Sarah K. Stephens
  • PUBLISHER: Bloodhound Books
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 28 November 2019
  • PRINT LENGTH: 277 pages
  • Link to purchase on Amazon UK



image of Sarah K. Stephens
Sarah K. Stephens

Sarah K. Stephens  is a developmental psychologist who serves as an Associate Teaching Professor at Penn State University. Her courses examine a variety of topics, including the processes of risk and resilience in childhood, the influence of online media on social and behavioral development, and evidence-based interventions for individuals on the autism spectrum. Although Fall and Spring find her in the classroom, she remains a writer year-round.

Her writing has appeared in LitHub, The Writer’s Chronicle, Hazlitt, The Millions, and The Indianola Review.

Her debut novel, A Flash of Red (read Chapter 1 here), was released in December 2016 by Pandamoon Publishing.

Her newest thriller, It Was Always You, will be released from Bloodhound Books in November 2019.

Sarah enjoys attending Book Clubs and other literary events.  E-mail with your inquiries.



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