Lucy Mathers goes back to work by Julie Butterfield

A romantic comedy about the trials and tribulations of returning to the workplace!

Lucy Mathers was once the golden girl of Simcock & Bright. Four years later, she’s a stay at home mum with two adorable children, has swapped her Louboutins for rabbit slippers and spends her day making crustless sandwiches and colour co-ordinated lunches instead of signing up high profile clients.

When her husband is suddenly made redundant, there is panic in the Mathers’ household. With a mortgage the size of the national debt and a credit card balance that’s in danger of toppling, Lucy reluctantly decides she must return to work. So she digs out her old power suits from the back of the wardrobe and leaves Will to become a house husband. But sitting in Lucy’s old office is Grant Cassidy, suave, handsome and ruthless and with no intention of letting Lucy walk back into the number one job.

At home, despite his breezy declaration that swapping boardroom battles for toddler groups would be a doddle, Will’s belief that parental issues could be solved with forward planning and a spread sheet soon falls by the wayside.

With both Will and Lucy struggling to adapt, could their previously happy marriage be developing some cracks?

MoMoBookDiary Review

I liked this fun yet thoughtful novel by the wonderful Julie Butterfield.

Kate and Alex are interesting characters, both very likeable and yet frustrating in the way they behave towards each other.  Julie shows how difficult relationships can be even when both people want the best for each other – the important message I take from this book is CONVERSATION and HONESTY are the most important things in any relationship.

Well written and as with Julie Butterfield’s other novels is a easy, quick read.  Perfect for a few hours on the couch with a good cuppa (or six) and don’t forget the biscuits!

  • AUTHOR: Julie Butterfield
  • PUBLISHER: Self-published
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 21 June 2019
  • NUMBER OF PAGES: 275 pages




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