Murder in the Merchant City by Angus McAllister


Annette Somerville, a young single mother, earns her living in a high-class Glasgow sauna parlour, scrupulously keeping her respectable home life separate from her professional activities.

During a series of murders in the city, seemingly unconnected, Annette realises that all of the victims have been regular customers.

What should Annette do?

No one else seems interested, and her boss makes it clear that going to the police will cost Annette her job. But Annette’s new boyfriend, a former customer of the sauna, could be the murderer’s next victim.

Can Annette continue to keep her two lives separate, or are they destined to violently clash?

MOMO’s REVIEW                   

I picked up this book on a recent visit to Waterstones bookshop. It was on display and immediately caught my attention, a quick glance at the synopsis and I was running off to the tills.

Whilst murders are being committed, the men are linked only in that they have all been visitors to the same sauna parlour.

This book was very well written given the serious theme of the book being murder and the sleazy reputation of sauna parlours. The author wrote with such compassion that I could feel a real empathy for those involved and the daily struggles they face. 

The book is a quick read and I highly recommend taking time to read it. I have Angus McAllister’s Close Quarters sitting here to read next!



  • TITLE: Murder in the Merchant City
  • AUTHOR: Angus McAllister
  • PUBLISHER: Polygon Books (An Imprint of Birlinn Limited)
  • PUBLICATION DATE:  7 February 2019
  • LENGTH: 256 pages
  • ASIN: B07MZ64BGY
  • ISBN-10: 1846974712
  • ISBN-13: 978-1846974717


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Angus McAllister worked as a solicitor and university professor, and is now retired. For many years he wrote academic books and articles, as well as fiction. He is the author of the bestselling Close Quarters, and he lives in Glasgow.
Angus McAllister online:  Facebook, Goodreads
Polygon Books online: and on Twitter


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