Naughty Elf #1 by Tiger Lily

Part 1 of 5 

Ginger Mingus is an elf.  Engaged, up for promotion, and on Santa’s nice list.

Three weeks until Christmas, Jack Frost comes knocking on her window and convinces her to come outside and play his wicked games. Games that lead Ginger to the most delicious sensations she’s ever experienced.

Games she desperately wants to play again, but that would mean becoming a naughty elf.  A very, very, naughty elf!


I was looking for something different today.  Something light and fun.  This was certainly different from anything I would normally read!!

Jack Frost and Ginger Mingus are the lead characters in this kinky short story with fantastic imaginative Christmas euphemisms.

Great read, however book one leaves you hanging so you need to go get book 2 to find out what happens next!  Although there is a box set available (link below).

Reviews of the full five parts will be published sometime in December!


  • TITLE: Naughty Elf #1
  • AUTHOR: Tabitha Levin writing as Tiger Lily
  • PUBLISHER: Lily Books
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 17 December 2013
  • FORMAT: ebook
  • LENGTH: 36 pages

To Buy Naughty Elf #1 at Amazon:
To buy Naughty Elf – Parts 1-5 Bundle at Amazon:


GoodReads, Amazon


Tabitha Levin writing as Tiger Lily

You can interact with Tabitha Levin on her website –, Twitter and Amazon and as Tiger Lily on website – and Amazon





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