A Mind Polluted by Martin Geraghty

MoMoBookDiary highly recommends this gripping debut novel from Martin Geraghty.

I was hooked from the first page of Martin Geraghty’s awesome debut novel.  I read it in two sittings and was up until after 2am unable to sleep until I reached the final page – and then for some time afterwards as Connor’s story swirled around inside my head.

I am still thinking of the emotional rollercoaster from this gritty and dark tale a few days after finishing.  The story takes the reader on an experience unlike any other book I’ve ever read!

The secret overheard by the lead character is shocking and the author has, in my view, described the emotions and reactions from all concerned perfectly. It is a fast paced novel which is set in four parts and definitely a ‘one more page’ type of story.  I am finding it difficult to write the review in a way not to give anything away.

I can’t wait to read more from this very talented author.



His world falls apart… 

Triggered by overhearing a confession from his mother’s lips when he was a young boy, Connor Boyd carries the burden of the secret through his life.

Is falling in love his saviour? Or will he embark on a journey down a self-destructive path which ultimately leads to his version of justice?

Will he concentrate on his future, or be consumed by his past?


AUTHOR Martin Geraghty


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BOOK TITLE A Mind Polluted
PUBLISHER Crooked Cat (May 2018) ISBN13: 9781986164887
LENGTH  278 pages (paperback)






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