Girl Number One by Jane Holland

MoMo’s Book Diary was excited to read this book after reading the description. It is a good mystery which had me hooked from the start.

Unfortunately, the author tends to get caught up in detail sometimes which makes it quite slow moving but the wonderfully atmospheric descriptions of the Cornish landscape kept me hooked.

A gripping and satisfying read. I will read this author again.


There’s a body in the woods. At least, there was. Eleanor Blackwood saw it on her morning run: a young woman, strangled to death.

But the police can find nothing—no body, no sign of a crime—and even Ellie has to wonder if it was a trick of her mind, a gruesome vision conjured up by grief. It’s eighteen years to the day since she witnessed her own mother’s murder on the same woodland spot. But what if she really did see what she thinks she saw? What if the body was left there for Ellie alone to find?

 And there’s one detail Ellie can’t shake: a deliberate number three on the dead woman’s forehead. When she discovers a second body, this one bearing the number two, Ellie is convinced they are not messages but threats. The killer is on a countdown: but who is girl number one?


AUTHOR Jane Holland
BOOK TITLE Girl Number One
PUBLISHER Thomas & Mercer
PRINT LENGTH 358 pages
ISBN 9781503938212
OBTAINED: Purchased Amazon Kindle







Jane Holland website

Jane Holland on Twitter


Jane Holland on GoodReads



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