Tag: Suspense

The Wife’s Secret by Kerry Wilkinson

A gripping psychological thriller with a heart-stopping twist Synopsis Charley Willis was thirteen years old when her parents were killed in their family home and she was found hiding in a cupboard upstairs. Fifteen years later, Charley is marrying Seth Chambers. It should be the happiest day of […]

In Harms Way by Owen Mullen

The first thing to say is that whilst Owen Mullen’s latest release with Bloodhound Books – In Harms Way – is set in Glasgow, it is not part of the Charlie Cameron series.  He is making us wait a little longer for that!    Synopsis  What if someone […]

Perfect Liars by Rebecca Reid

I enjoyed Rebecca Reid’s compelling debut novel Perfect Liars. Perfect Liars is a thoroughly satisfying character driven psychological thriller. It’s cleverly plotted and clear from the beginning, despite being paced on the slow side, that it is a compelling tale. The characters are somewhat unlikeable in that they […]

The Babysitter by Sheryl Browne

MoMo’s Book Diary highly highly recommends you read this book! The author, Sheryl Browne, has created a heart-stopping psychological thriller packed with strong characters.  The book had me gripped from the first to the very last page and I could not put it down in between! Sheryl Browne […]

Manipulated Lives by Helene Leuschel

MoMo’s Book Diary recommends Helene Leuschel’s Manipulated Lives as a provocative read. Helene Leuschel has created a thought-provoking collection of well-rounded and believable characters in each of the five stories. It is clear from the beginning this is an emotional read. Five stories of the devastatingly long-lasting affect […]

Sins of the Father by Sheryl Browne

Another fantastic new release from the amazingly talented author Sheryl Browne. Sins of the Father is the second instalment featuring DI Matthew Adams. I would recommend reading “After She’s Gone” first but it can be read as a stand-alone novel. Sheryl once again has given us a tense […]