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Blog Tour of The Art of Sherlock Holmes #BitsaboutBooksBlogTour

I am so very excited to be part of

The Art of Sherlock Holmes 


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The Art of Sherlock Holmes is a totally unique experience. Imagine a dozen or more of the finest artists in the U.S. creating art for some the best new short stories written by some of the finest Holmes authors in the world. Each artist has envisioned their version of one story specifically selected for them. All stories and art in one large, hardcover, coffee table presentation volume. This first edition features artists from West Palm Beach, Florida. Future editions will be global, with participating artists contributing from all over the world. The Art of Sherlock Holmes was conceived and curated by Phil Growick, himself a renowned Holmes author.

MoMoBookDiary Review:

Thank you to Caroline of bitsaboutbooks (@CarolineBookBit) for inviting me to take part in this blog tour for The Art of Sherlock Holmes.

I have read and reviewed a number of Sherlock Holmes books on this blog and previous to my blogging life. I have never been so taken with a book before. This is simply awesome.  The art is fascinating and, in my opinion, relates wonderfully with the individual stories.

This is definately a book any Sherlock fan will want to have in their collection – on their coffee table for all to see!  

It is a book that you will find yourself picking up over and over again. 

In a word – brilliant!

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Book Details:

  • PUBLISHER: MX Publishing 
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 25 May 2019
  • ISBN (special edition hardcover) : 9781787054035
  • ISBN (standard edition hardcover): 0781787054110  
  • PAGES: 252


About The Author:


Phil Growick

The project was conceived by and is curated by Phil Growick. Phil ran one of the world’s leading executive search firms in the advertising industry. Phil’s network in the creative world is unparalleled which is perfect for artist acquisition. Now living in West Palm, Phil is heavily involved in the local art community and as a two-time Sherlock Holmes novelist came up with the concept of combining two of his passions – art and Holmes.

“You’re presented with murder, theft, treason, betrayal, love, loss and greed. All the ingredients to make a delicious Holmes meal of mystery: inimitable interpretations of truly unique Holmes stories.”

Phil Growick on Social Media:


MX Publishing

MX is the world’s largest Sherlock Holmes publisher. The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories is the world’s largest new Sherlock stories collection with twelve bestselling volumes in the last four years – with three more volumes due in May 2019. Over 100 authors have taken part in the anthology including NY Times best sellers Lee Child, Jonathan Kellerman, Lyndsay Faye and Bonnie MacBird.

The collection raises money for the Stepping Stones School ( a school for children with learning disabilities) at Undershaw, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s former home which carries the Estate’s Conan Doyle Seal. The collection has overwhelming support from leading Sherlockians worldwide. MX are in a perfect position to bring the best in Holmes fiction and the Sherlock fan base to the project.

MX’ other project is the Happy Life Children’s Home in Nairobi, Kenya. Twinned with Stepping Stones, Happy Life has saved the lives of over 600 abandoned babies in the last two decades. The project has expanded to include a school and paediatric hospital.

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Instagram – The Art of Sherlock Holmes:



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Blog Tour of The Detective, The Woman and the Pirate’s Bounty by Amy Thomas #BitsaboutBooksBlogTour

I am very excited to be part of this


The Detective, The Woman and the Pirate’s Bounty

A novel of Sherlock Holmes

by Amy Thomas

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Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler retrace the steps of pirates as they uncover a
conspiracy at the heart of Florida’s islands. Death threats and gangsters are not enough to stop the pair as they meet new friends and enemies while seeking pirate treasure and preserving law and order. 

Amy Thomas is one of the Baker Street Babes, the world’s most popular Sherlock Holmes podcast. The Detective, The Woman and The Pirate’s Bounty is Amy’s fourth Holmes and Adler novel – The Detective and The Woman, and The Detective and The Woman and the Winking Tree, and The Detective and The Woman and The Silent Hive have sold worldwide with wonderful reviews with the first book available in audio format as well.

MoMoBookDiary Review:

Thank you to Caroline of bitsaboutbooks (@CarolineBookBit) for inviting me to take part in this blog tour for The Detective, The Woman and the Pirate’s Bounty by Amy Thomas.

I love everthing Sherlock Holmes and was delighted to be invited to share my review of The Detective, The Woman and the Pirate’s Bounty by Amy Thomas on to this blog tour. Amy Thomas has written an easy read, less than 200 pages, fascinating book in true Holmes style.

The story leads Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler across the world to America in the search for pirate’s treasure. I very much enjoyed reading more of the relationship between Holmes and Adler.  In typical Holmes style the book is expertly written and a wonderful addition to the Sherlock Holmes world!

I was very interested to discover that Amy has another three Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler novels out there and have already added these to my ‘TBR’ list.


  • TITLE: The Detective, The Woman and The Pirate’s Treasure
  • AUTHOR: Amy Thomas
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 16 April 2019
  • ISBN: 9781787054141
  • PAGES: 176



Amy Thomas Author Image

Amy Thomas is a freelance writer, editor, and podcaster from south Florida.

In addition to her Sherlock Holmes novels, her nonfiction essays have been published in
About Sixty: Why Every Holmes Story is the Best, Femme Friday: Celebrating Women in
Sherlock Holmes Canon and Transformative Works, and other anthologies. Additionally,
her short fiction and poetry have been featured in The MX Book of New Sherlock
Holmes Stories.

As a member of the Baker Street Babes Podcast, an all-female group of Sherlock
Holmes fans, dedicated to approach the fandom from a feminine point of view, Amy
has served as a panellist for 221b Con and had the honour of being a finalist in the
Podcaster category of the Shorty Awards.

She hones her crime writing acumen as a legal proofreader and connects with her
readers via her blog, Girl Meets Sherlock.

Author Links

Author Website:
Twitter Baker Street Babes:
FB Page Baker Street Babes:



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Blog Tour of The Celtic Phoenix by Kim Krisco #BitsaboutBooksBlogTour

2The Celtic Phoenix BBT Poster

I am very excited to be part of the

#BitsaboutBooksBlogTour for

The Celtic Phoenix by Kim Krisco

An enigmatic jewelry case holding human remains forces Sherlock Holmes out of retirement to chase a coldblooded murderer.

To follow the trail of the murderer taunting him,  he needs Tessa Wiggins, a former Baker Street irregular, by his side. The two find themselves battling forces arising from a time before England was a country—when the Celts were fighting for survival.

Though set in 1919, The Celtic Phoenix is steeped in the enigmatic culture of the ancient Celts who reigned over much of Europe three thousand years ago. It was a time when the bond with Nature was strong . . . when people walked in the olde ways . . . when women were the equals to men as warriors, priests, and poets.

The Celtic Phoenix is the journey of three women who rise from the ashes of their past like fearsome phoenixes to shake the rational foundations upon which Sherlock Holmes built his life and career.

MoMoBookDiary Review:

Thank you to Caroline of BitsaboutBooks (@CarolineBookBit) for inviting me to take part in this book blog tour for Kim Krisco’s The Celtic Phoenix.  

I found this to be a gripping story featuring the brilliant Sherlock Holmes.  The author has brilliantly written a tale which has the feel of Arthur Conan Doyle but with a new exciting twist to the plot.  I would definately read more from this author. 

Take time out and read this awesome, gripping story. 

Thank you Caroline Vincent, Kim Krisco and MX Publishing.


  • TITLE: The Celtic Phoenix
  • AUTHOR: Kim Krisco
  • PUBLISHER: MX Publishing
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 4 December 2018
  • ISBN: 9781787053816
  • FORMAT: ARC ebook

Sherlock Holmes Website:

Universal Amazon link:




Kim Krisco Author Image.JPG

His lifelong fascination for master storyteller, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and his creation Sherlock Holmes, is what inspires Kim Krisco to write his new Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

As a reader, Kim always wished he’d learn more about Holmes’ inner life. Where Doyle was not able to do that in short stories, Kim could allow for more detail and in-depth character development in his novels and novellas.

Kim endeavours to capture the authentic feel of the Sherlock Holmes novels, placing them in historical settings, oftentimes interacting with real historical characters. This is what makes Kim’s Sherlock Holmes books unique historical mysteries.

Aside from writing, Kim and his wife Sara followed their dream to experience more profoundly the beauty of nature by surrounding themselves by it. Abandoning most of their material possessions, they feel happier than ever in their cabin deep in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Kim Krisco Online

Amazon Author Page and Facebook Author Page




MX Publishing websiteMX Publishing on Facebook and MX Publishing on Twitter