Cheer Up Love by Susan Calman

Adventures in Depression with the CRAB of HATE

Susan Calman is a well known comedian and writer who has appeared on countless radio and television programmes. Her solo stand up show, Susan Calman is Convicted, was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and dealt with subjects like the death penalty, appearance and depression.

The reaction to the show she wrote about mental health was so positive that she wanted to expand on the show and write a more detailed account of surviving when you’re the world’s most negative person.

The Crab of Hate is the personification of Calman’s depression and her version of the notorious Black Dog. A constant companion in her life, the Crab has provided her with the best, and very worst of times.This is a very personal memoir of how, after many years and with a lot of help and talking, she has embraced her dark side and realised that she can be the most joyous sad person you’ll ever meet.


I purchased this paperback a while ago then purchased the audio version after reading that Susan Calman had recorded the audio version herself. The book is a great read but listening to Susan reading it made it so much more real.  I could really think about the words she was saying.

This has to be one of the funniest books I have read/listened to.  I already loved Susan Calman, the brilliant Scottish comedian, and now I can also say I believe her to be an excellent author.  Through her writing she describes her ongoing battle with depression.

There were so many parts of this book that rang true with my life.  As someone who has suffered depression and anxiety for many years I could really relate to this book.  There were points in the book where I stopped and actually thought “WOW, So it is really possible to feel like that” and “I feel like that but I thought I was making it all up in my head”.   Thank you Susan Calman for showing me (and many many others) that it really is okay to not be okay.

I feel this is a good book for anyone who feels they may be depressed, or friends of someone who talks of depression… there are so many situations described that could be the secret to helping those we know who are not ready to talk about their feelings.  It is not a medical book – its a comedians view of her life with depression – but it certainly rings more true than some books I’ve read by medical professionals on the subject.

  • TITLE: Cheer Up Love
  • AUTHOR: Susan Calman
  • PUBLISHER: Two Roads
  • VERSION: Paperback and Audio



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ABOUT THE AUTHOR (taken from

Susan Calman used to be a corporate lawyer and in her time has worked on Death Row in America, at the United Nations in Geneva and been in charge of Vacuum Cleaners and Microwaves at an electrical superstore.

In 2006 she decided to give up her promising career in the Law to be a comedian. She reached the semi-finals of the BBC New Comedy Awards and ‘So You Think You’re Funny’, was a finalist in the prestigious ‘Funny Women’ competition in 2006 and she hasn’t stopped since.

In 2007 Susan was cast in ‘Ugly Kid’, a sketch show which was a sell-out at the Edinburgh Festival and following critical acclaim, was commissioned as a pilot for Channel 4. The show was renamed ‘Blowout’ and the cast went on to be awarded a Scottish BAFTA that same year.

On Radio 4 Susan has appeared on The News Quiz, The Unbelievable Truth, Now Show, Dilemma, So Wrong it’s Right and presented Woman’s Hour. She’s recorded two series of her own sitcom for Radio 4 and four solo series for the station.

Sometimes Susan is allowed on television and has been on QI, HIGNFY and Mock the Week.  She’ll soon be seen acting in the new BBC One sitcom Home from Home starring Johnny Vegas.  She’s hosted daytime shows like The Boss and Armchair Detectives as well as the CBBC show Top Class.  In 2017 she made it to week ten of Strictly Come Dancing, which was quite unexpected.

Susan is currently writing the follow up to her hugely successful first book “Cheer Up Love” and also contributed to the Penguin published Doctor Who collection of stories “The Day She Saved The Doctor”.

Susan lives in Glasgow and is lucky enough to be married with five cats.

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It’s a Wonderful Night by Jaimie Admans

One night will change their lives forever…

Georgia Bailey is closing up her little charity shop in Oakbarrow when she gets a mysterious late night call from a stranger, threatening to jump off the town’s bridge.

Something about the man’s voice is faintly familiar but all she can do is stay on the line and after talking for hours, losing sense of time passing, coax him back from the edge.

The next morning, Georgia walks to work, buys a festive latte from Leo (who she’s had a crush on for months!) at the local coffee shop, and is shocked when she suddenly recognises the voice from last night…

A heartwarming festive love story that reminds us that even in the darkest of times, hope is always just around the corner!


❄️ WOW ❄️ WOW ❄️ WOW ❄️

What can I say… I just loved this beautiful story which shows how important friends are to every one of us!

The story starts with Leo, a man with the world on his shoulders who has found himself  at his lowest point in life. He is standing on the edge of the town bridge as he considers jumping off as he feels he cannot go on with life.  Luckily he calls a helpline number he found on a leaflet at the side of the bridge, however in his distressed state he calls the local charity shop instead of the 24-hour counselling helpline.  I will say no more about the plot – you need to go read it for yourself!

If you enjoy watching It’s A Wonderful Life when it comes on TV each year then you will LOVE this book. The author clearly loves the film and has reminded me how good it is that I am planning on a Sunday afternoon cosy on the couch watching it with my little dog by my side.

The author, Jaimie Admans, has given us a gorgeous festive romance whilst dealing with the sensitive issue of depression, loneliness and the feeling of failure that so many people  are struggling with but feel they can’t talk about.  These are generally those around us who appear to be the happiest, most cheerful and easy going which real life has shown us all time and time again.

This book made me laugh (and lots of happy tears) and cry (some sad tears) but the main feeling was of hope, of friendship, of the reminder that we should all be a bit more aware of the people around us.  I read this book in one sitting, a wet but bright Saturday afternoon into the evening and once I had finished reading my world felt a much brighter place.  Thank you Jaimie ❄️

Thank you to NetGalley, HQ Digital and Jaimie Admans for the opportunity to read and review this novel. I have pre-ordered my own copy in paperback as I know I will want to read this again and again!

  • TITLE: It’s A Wonderful Night
  • AUTHOR: Jaimie Admans
  • PUBLISHER: HQ Digital
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 5 October 2018



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Hi. Thank you for visiting my website and caring enough to click on the About Me page. Er, unless you clicked on it accidently, in which case, by all means carry on with what you were doing.

I’m Jaimie, I’m in my thirties, and I’m from South Wales, UK.

I write. Quite a lot. I started out self-publishing, but more recently I’ve been published by HQ Digital and will be querying agents with a YA project this year.

I enjoy writing, gardening, drinking tea, and watching horror movies. I love my Chihuahua – Bruiser, autumn and winter, and singing songs from musicals despite the fact I sound like a dying hyena. I hate spiders, hot weather, and cheese & onion crisps. I spend far too much time on Twitter and own too many pairs of boots.

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Happier Thinking by Lana Grace Riva

You can change how you think


Changing how you think is possible. I wasn’t always so sure that was true until I experienced it myself, but I know now we don’t have to just accept unhappiness. Not always anyway. This book is my collection of tips and suggestions that have helped me achieve happier thinking. It’s sort of a gym for my mind. I’d love to tell you it was easier than the real gym but well… it’s not really. It takes time, effort, and practice but it’s absolutely well worth the rewards.

MoMoBookDiary Review

This is a great little book.  It is a self-help type of book but not written by some trained professional it is just tips from a normal person trying to find a happier way of living.

I like the authors writing style and found it a very easy read.  The book is full of helpful tips which lead you to alter your point of view from negative to positive. It is amazing how quickly this little tip can change things – its not groundbreaking but it is enough to make you stop and think the next time a negative thought comes into your head.

I am going through a tough time right now and find the book very helpful. I dip in and out of the book when I am finding I am having a harder day.  It helps!

Thank you to Lana Grace Riva for providing me with a copy of this book following our conversation on social media.

  • AUTHOR: Lana Grace Riva
  • PUBLISHED: Independently published
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 11 February 2018
  • EDITION: Paperback (52pages)



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