Rather Be The Devil by Ian Rankin

MoMo’s Book Diary loved Ian Rankin’s “Rather Be The Devil” and highly recommends this excellent new release. I have always been a huge fan of Ian Rankin and his “Rebus” novels so you can imagine my excitement at finding this book available for review on NetGalley.  Thank you NetGalley […]

Learning to Love by Sheryl Browne

MoMo’s Book Diary loved Sheryl Browne’s “Learning to Love” and happily recommends this as an excellent heartwarming read!! I can’t recommend Learning to Love by Sheryl Browne highly or often enough. I loved the rollercoaster of emotions the author leads us on page after page. The way Sheryl […]

Out of Play by Joy Norstrom

MoMo’s Book Diary enjoyed Joy Norstrom’s “Out of Play” and recommends this great book which all LARP-widows will love! Joy Norstrom has written a great book here and it was a joy to read. The main characters, Gillian and Ralph, have hit a rocky patch in their marriage and Gillian […]