Lines of Remembrance by Jack D. Harrison

A Short Series of Verse, for Those Lost in the Great War

Lines of Remembrance was published especially for 2018.

It is perhaps the most significant year to us ever, and rightly so, because it marks the end of five years of centenary events based around the Great War. Siegfried Sassoon’s poem “Aftermath” (published during the 1920s), asks “Have you forgotten yet?” This book helps answer that question (at least from the author’s perspective). It is hoped that we will never forget the sacrifices and hardships of everyone involved during the years 1914–18 and for those left behind at home.

Lines of Remembrance partly serves as a second volume to Jack’s first book (of verse) and is also well suited to fit the sombre and, for many, the bleak season of autumn, with thoughts of the end of long summer days, and the cold, dark winter nights ahead. What better book, then, to curl up with during those long, dark nights? Engendering thoughts of those lost before their time, during 1914–18 and for all wars and conflicts. Thoughts also of ghosts and memories of those no longer alive but still with us, in spirit. But there are some reminders of happy times, of summer and, for some, better times. Let us also remember that for many people today, the approach of autumn and winter brings feelings of dread and (often) loneliness.

It is not a collection of ghost stories, though they’re included, to help remember the dead (friends, loved ones, and others). Nor is it a book about the Great War, though the author hopes we will never forget, keeping faith with them, to ensure they rest.

Lines of Remembrance is meant as the author’s intention to never forget and to keep that faith. Only you, the reader, can determine whether that intention succeeds.


As we celebrate Remembrance Day 2018, the 100th Anniversary this is a truly exceptional piece of work.

The images are so atmospheric and fit perfectly with Jack’s words.

Simply perfect. We will remember!


  • TITLE: Lines of Remembrance
  • AUTHOR: Jack D. Harrison
  • PUBLISHER: AuthorHouse UK
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 23 October 2018


I have been unable to find anything online regarding this author.  There is a page at the end of this book which I am unable to share but you can read it when you buy the book! Jack is on Facebook at Jacks Scribbling Page and more can be read on the Publisher website (link above).  I will update this page when/if I do find more details about this very talented man.



Lines of Remembrance: A Short Series of Verse, for Those Lost in the Great War
by Jack D. Harrison
Link: Amazon


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