Between Hope & the Highway by Charissa Stastny

The title and cover of this book caught my attention – I just love those boots!

The story is well structured and it was a nice clean-ish romance but it just didn’t grab my full attention.  The style of writing is not a style I enjoy reading – but that’s just my opinion – if you enjoy a slower paced Christian romance then this is just the book for you as it has the basic elements of a good romance.

This story is told from the point of view of three characters, Bentley, Liz and Rawson which was a good way of telling the story and helped to understand the characters better and follow their development but I didn’t feel about any of the characters warmly – Liz wasn’t a nice character, Rawson was crude and Bentley wasn’t a strong enough character.

I was surprised at the amount of swearing and sexual tension/innuendo throughout the book given that the book was marketed as a “clean Christian romance”. I felt it was unnecessary and spoiled the story.

Thank you to ebooksforreview for the opportunity to read and review this novel.


After losing her fiancé in an auto accident, Liz Ruthersford flees her home and her parents’ pity to seek refuge on a remote ranch in Montana where no one knows about her tragic past. But her safe haven seems to hold troubles of its own. When she quite literally runs into Rawson Law, the son of her new boss, and has the scare of her life, she wonders if she might have to flee again. The cocky cowboy seems to have it out for her, and when they are paired together to work with the new horses, he undermines her in every way. But Liz cowgirls up and refuses to be intimidated by the handsome man who both annoys her and makes her heart pound every time he glances her way.

Rawson Law appears like he has it all, yet he’d gladly give it all up for the chance to change one foolish decision five years ago that left one brother dead, another broken, and his best friend spiraling down a path of self-destruction. When he returns home to find a strange girl has taken over not only his coveted job with the yearlings, but his position as ‘favorite’ with his family as well, he determines to push her out of the picture and reclaim his life. He’s not about to get shafted by a woman again, even if she appears innocent and sweet.

Though Rawson and Liz fight their attraction, embers of hope flicker to life as their hearts tangle and they discover what it means to truly love. Can forgiveness really allow new beginnings, or will secrets from the past keep them from embracing the present?

AUTHOR Charissa Stastny
BOOK TITLE Between Hope & the Highway
PUBLISHER Amazon Digital Services LLC
PRINT LENGTH 468 pages
OBTAINED: ebooksforreview




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