Misled by C.J. Spammer

MoMo’s Book Diary enjoyed C.J. Spammer’s debut novel “Misled” and recommends this gripping emotional novel.

I couldn’t put it down once I started – unfortunately I started reading just before going to bed and I was then up most of the night because even after I had finished the characters and the story stayed with me.

A fantastic book that takes the reader on a rollercoaster journey through the struggles of Sara who is affected by Bipolar Disorder in alternating chapters of now and then – then, being when it all went wrong.

I would like to thank CJ Spammer for the opportunity to read and review this novel.


When Sara bumps into her ex-boyfriend, Justin, whom she hasn’t seen in four years, she is overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions that take her through a nostalgic rollercoaster ride of the past.

Sara has Bipolar Disorder which caused her to act impulsively and even irrationally at times. The story ebbs and flows, with each chapter alternating between past and present.

The relationship between Sara and Justin was riddled with Sara’s often erratic behaviour, which led to it’s ultimate demise.

Meanwhile, in the present, Sara has to wrestle with a long-kept secret – a secret that has haunted her for the past eight years – and the guilt that accompanies it.

Although the story is often dark, touching on some serious issues, there are many lighter moments with sprinklings of humour and warmth.

AUTHOR C.J. Spammer
PUBLISHER C.J. Spammer (Pty) Ltd
PRINT LENGTH 178 pages
ISBN 9780620725446





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