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Crystal Ball Persuasion: Changing Lives, Changing Destiny by Lesley Fletcher

The travelling carnival is not the life Gypsy pictured for herself. Since being given her mentor’s gift of a premonition from a very young age, she has had her sights on a life far away from the one she leads.

Standing in her way are two men; one who has been waiting a lifetime for her love and one who depends on her gifts for a living wage.

Trusting the Universe, she throws herself into a new life when she finds the seeker who fits the premonition. She sets out with a new identity and a zest for adventure on her quest for the truth. Her journey leads her to questions she had never thought of asking. Only one thing is set in stone. She will never return to life on the midway again.

Accompanying her on the adventurous escape and leading the way is a woman whose life has been thrown mercilessly into turmoil. Together they conquer goals, soul search and open their bruised and broken hearts as they travel to far off destinations.

Their journey is filled with mystical charm, sisterhood and page-turning events as the story unfolds.

Along the way the question arises – will there be enough light at the end of the tunnel to produce lasting happiness, while being so far removed from their former lives?


MoMo’s Book Diary Review

Lesley Fletcher’s Crystal Ball Persuasion caught my attention as soon as I started to read it.  It is not a book I would have picked up myself but when the author approached me for a review I read the description and was drawn to the story.

I found myself gripped and didn’t want to stop reading – the story flows from page to page – and repeated to myself “one more page” many times.

The author develops the characters warmly and with great emotion drawing the reader into their individual stories. The tale focuses on two women from very different backgrounds and binds them together in what becomes a precious friendship.

I loved the quote in the book “There is no such thing as coincidence. People are always put in your life for a reason.” and this story gives a very good example of that.

MoMo’s Book Diary enjoyed Crystal Ball Persuasion and gladly recommends this as a 5 star read.

I would like to thank the author, Lesley Fletcher, for the opportunity to read and review this book. 




PUBLICATION DATE – 18 September 2016

PUBLISHER – Inspiration Import


Lesley Fletcher is a Montreal artist and a writer, dividing her time between the two crafts while juggling the complexities involved with marketing and promotion for both her books and multiple art pieces.

As the owner of her own independent publishing company, Inspiration Import, she is working to develop a strategy to embrace outside titles in the future. Lesley currently has four books published under Inspiration Import. Her latest release has been very well received and continues to be a source of inspiration to both herself and her audience.
Lesley welcomes meeting new people and exchanges of ideas and passions. All contact details may be found through her website at She encourages everyone to join and take delight in the dance of life.

Lesley Fletcher can be found on twitter @gypsyles

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